Fast Growth 2014: Top Female Executives

Women In Charge

Successful solution providers know that times of change create opportunities for developing new services, selling new products, and entering new markets. The solution providers on this year's Fast Growth 150 list are doing just that, recording total revenue of $7.2 billion in 2013 and racking up an average two-year growth rate of 102.6 percent.

Some solution providers stand out not just because they are growing rapidly, but also because they are led by women executives in an industry where men still hold most of the top jobs. As part of the Fast Growth 2014 list we take a look at ten companies whose top executives are female. The list in its entirety can be purchased for off-line use by contacting Laurie Condon (East Coast) or Nora Uriarte (West Coast).

Elizabeth Bernstein, United Global Technologies (UGT)

Title: CEO & Founder

Location: Charlotte, NC


2014 FG Rank: 22

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 162.86

Kathy Mills, Strategic Communications

Title: CEO

Location: Louisville, KY


2014 FG Rank: 37

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 114.41

Stella Mercado, Mercom Corporation

Title: CEO

Location: Pawleys Island, SC


2014 FG Rank: 39

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 114.25

Sonia St. Charles, Davenport Group

Title: CEO

Location: St. Paul, MN

Website :

2014 FG Rank: 43

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 108.31

Beverly Sandvick, Go2IT Group

Title: President

Location: Westlake, OH


2014 FG Rank: 61

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 84.28

Trish Bakker, Computer Design & Integration (CDI)

Title: CEO

Location: Teterboro, NJ


2014 FG Rank: 69

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 77.89

Susan Stone, Blue Tech

Title: Co-Founder & CEO

Location: San Diego, CA


2014 FG Rank: 74

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 74.23

Kristin Rorapaugh, Systems Management/Planning (SMP)

Title: CEO

Location: West Henrietta, NY


2014 FG Rank: 99

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 56.98

Lisa Calkins, Amadeus Consulting

Title: CEO

Location: Boulder, CO


2014 FG Rank: 140

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 38.72

Laurie Dasher, Dasher Technologies

Title: President & CFO

Location: Campbell, CA


2014 FG Rank: 148

2014 FG-Growth Rate: 34.82