The Richest Of The Rich: Top 20 Tech Billionaires Of 2015

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16. Lei Jun

Net worth: $13.2 billion

Lei Jun is the CEO and co-founder of Xiaomi, one of the fastest-growing smartphone makers in the world. Jun, 45, founded the company with his friend Lin Bin. He is nicknamed "the Steve Jobs of China" for spearheading major tech companies while wearing jeans and T-shirts.

Jun graduated from Wuhan University in 1987, and became the president of Kingsoft in 1998. He founded in 2000, an online bookstore. He sold the company for $75 million to Amazon in 2004. Jun left Kingsoft for "health reasons" in 2007 and founded Xiaomi three years later. Today Xiaomi is the largest smartphone vendor in China, and the fourth-largest smartphone maker in the world behind Lenovo, Apple and Samsung. Fortune ranks Jun as the 87th richest person in the world.

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