Ingram Micro CEO, HNA Group President On Why Deal Is Good For Both Companies

A Bigger And Stronger Ingram Micro

HNA Group's deep pockets and logistical capabilities will make Ingram Micro more aggressive, efficient and nimble in the marketplace.

That's the message Alain Monie (pictured), CEO of the Irvine, Calif.-based distributor, and Adam Tan, president of Hainan, China-based HNA Group, delivered to employees in the hours after HNA affiliate Tianjian Tianhai's proposed $6 billion acquisition of Ingram Micro was announced.

A transcription was filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of some of the comments Monie and Tan made during last month's global town hall. Aside from prepared statements, these are some of the first comments from either Monie or Tan that have been made public.

Here are five of the most interesting points made by the two executives.

5. This Deal Will Strengthen Sino-American Relations

Tan: "America and China together – we can bring [a] better life – peaceful life for the whole [world]. That's our target."

4. Ingram Micro Will Help HNA Reach New Territories

Monie: "I think with our global presence, our presence in more than 42 countries today with their own local management expertise, knowledge, know-how, infrastructure, I think we can help HNA really reach into new territories, new businesses through our help."

Tan: At this stage, [Ingram's] middle-level people and the country managers and the people who work outside the United States, they are all very important to build up the whole network.

3. Ingram Micro Will Leverage HNA's Logistical Prowess

Monie: "We can leverage HNA's logistics, and then you will see it's a huge group that has many different businesses, one of them is the logistics side, which we use a lot as you know, and so that's going to be one of the very strong leverages."

2. HNA Group Will Give Ingram Micro More Money

Tan: "I already committed to the board. We are going to give more money. You'll see."

Monie: "This strategy, as I said, is not changing except for one thing. Probably we're going to be able to do it a lot quicker and more effectively under this association. So that's very good for us, we can accelerate investments."

1. Ingram Micro Will Hire More People and Acquire More Business

Tan: "Ingram will acquire more business and touch … more different type[s] of ... business. We're hiring. We are going to hire more people. We together can bring more profit, more benefit to the whole world."