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XChange SLED: 5 Hottest Public Sector Sales Opportunities In 2016

Michael Novinson

5. Body-Worn Cameras

The federal government has offered limited funding to double the use of body-worn cameras to 150,000 nationally, Dixon said, but the lion’s share of the funding will have to come from state and local government.

Although the cost of cameras and data storage technology gets less expensive with each passing day, Dixon said the pace of video capture and overall cost of management is growing even faster.

’We’re talking about an unreal amount of unstructured data being collected,’ Dixon said. ’The camera is just the tip of the iceberg.’

BlueBridge Networks is interested in crafting and delivering data archiving and storage solutions for law enforcement that can reduce the cost and improve efficiencies associated with body-worn cameras, according to Kevin Goodman, managing director and partner of the Cleveland-based company.

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