The 10 Coolest Startups Of 2016

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From The Ground Up

Enterprise IT is an evolving beast, one with plenty of room for the next startup to capitalize on the next big thing. But what separates a new company from the pack and makes them stand out as cool?

In the VC-infused Internet of Things space, it's a company like FogHorn Systems, whose software platform leverages machine learning to prevent catastrophic failures in industrial machines.

In the security market, it's a company like Bastille Networks, whose claim to fame is an enterprise-grade IoT security product that scans an organization's air space for threats.

Each year, CRN honors the coolest startup companies across a variety of technology areas, including cloud computing, security, storage, networking, big data and the Internet of Things. From those we've selected these 10 standouts as the coolest startups of 2016.

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