CRN Exclusive: Tech Data CEO On Pricing, Line Card And Partner Program Changes Avnet TS Partners Should Expect

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Marrying Broadline And Specialty Distribution

Tech Data closed its purchase of Avnet's Technology Solutions business Monday, creating a gargantuan $35 billion distributor with 14,000 employees that does business in more than 100 countries.

Tech Data CEO Bob Dutkowsky spoke exclusively with CRN on the day the acquisition closed about how the $2.6 billion deal will impact pricing and margins for Avnet TS partners, where things stand from an integration perspective, and the long-term vision for the combined partner program.

Dutkowsky also discussed the timeline for Avnet TS partners being able to sell Tech Data's line card, how Avnet TS' IoT business will be affected by longer being part of a semiconductor company, and how Tech Data and Avnet TS were affected by Arrow recently winning $350 million of business from competitors.

Read on to learn more about the new, bigger Tech Data.

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