4 Keys To Partner Success In Dell EMC's New Digital Marketing Platform

Instituting Change

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any solution provider's marketing efforts, and Dell EMC says its digital marketing platform puts increased firepower in partners' sales arsenals.

According to Dell EMC, almost 70 percent of buyers' research is done online and the same proportion of that "buyer's journey" happens before the sales process ever starts, much of it conducted with the help of social media.

Dell EMC's new marketing platform is designed to jump that circuit by putting online resources for content syndication, social media and other marketing campaign tactics in partners' hands for free as part of the company's partner portal.

The platform is an integral part of Dell EMC's Partner Marketing Institute launched in May by partner marketing chief Cheryl Cook. The effort aims to make marketing a simple, self-service affair while also making solution providers more social media savvy.

Syndicated Programming

Dell EMC said it has taken the burden of creating, updating and maintaining web content off solution providers. With the marketing platform's content syndication capabilities, partners are assured online content is engaging and always aligned with Dell EMC's official messaging. Dell EMC said partners will boost conversion rates and generate new leads while personalizing and customizing marketing content to suit their needs.

Mailing It In

The platform is aimed at making it easy for partners to coordinate complex email marketing campaigns by offering turnkey, coordinated campaigns that carry both the partner and Dell EMC brands. Through the campaigns, partners get access to sales and marketing support, lead scoring across multiple aspects of each campaign, and the ability to share results with Dell EMC.

Social Secretary

It's time for solution providers to stop thinking of social media as simply a marketing campaign add-on. Dell EMC said social media has become a proven way to capture leads, expand client bases and maintain contact with customers throughout the sales cycle. But while the number of leads that come from social media is double what comes from trade shows, telemarketing and direct mail, management is time-consuming and sometimes complicated. Dell EMC's marketing platform bypasses those costs and complexities, the company says.

Tweet Storm

On top of social media syndication, the platform allows Dell EMC partners use social media to home in on key targets without spending extra time and money. The platform also boosts the frequency and relevance of partner social media efforts by using customized content and posting schedules. The platform also measures engagement and collects leads to make sure partners are making the most of their online reputations.