2017 Best (And Worst) States To Start A Solution Provider Business: How Growth-Friendly Is Your State?

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Worst To First: What Does Your State Have To Offer?

Whether a solution provider startup succeeds or fails certainly depends a great deal on a company's strategy, the strengths of its products and services, and the capabilities of its managers and employees.

But external factors also play a role in the ultimate success or failure of a solution provider and whether it thrives and grows. And those factors can vary widely according to where a startup is doing business. How abundant are the business opportunities in the geographies the solution provider is competing? Is there a large pool of experienced workers from which the company can hire the IT talent it needs? Will taxes and regulations hinder a solution provider's growth?

The following ranks all 50 states, from the worst (No. 50) to the best (No. 1) for starting and growing a solution provider business. It's based on a CRN Research analysis of a wide range of data, including the education and experience level of a state's workforce, labor and business costs, and tax and regulatory burdens. States are also ranked for innovation and growth potential and business opportunities. We've also cross-referenced the findings with CRN's 2017 Solution Provider 500, listing how many of the biggest solution providers call each state home.

Take a look. The results might surprise you.

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