ScanSource CEO Baur On Finding The Best Intelisys Partners, Early Cloud Wins And A Path Towards IoT

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You mentioned adding new vendor opportunities around the communications business. Which carriers and vendors are driving more growth?

The early success we had with ShoreTel led when Mitel acquired them. Mitel saw the ShoreTel program, where they shifted a lot of customers to a two-tier model, and said, 'Hey, we like it.' They want to do more of that. That gives us a lot of confidence that a Mitel program will go down a similar path as ShoreTel. That's just starting. It's early days. A lot of partners in the US are buying direct from Mitel. Here's a two-tier model option for you. They're not going to force them. We've got to earn our way. We've got to convince them, 'We can do some things that you're not getting today.' We'll get them better support working directly with ScanSource than Mitel.

How many partners could that add to the ScanSource ecosystem?

Hundreds of partners. Many of them were not big partners of ScanSource because they were very focused on Mitel. Only a few were ShoreTel already. There's very little crossover. We think it's substantial, but the problem is always 'when.' It will take us several quarters before we can really report on how well that's going.

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