ScanSource CEO Baur On Finding The Best Intelisys Partners, Early Cloud Wins And A Path Towards IoT

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You mention that the transition could be a long one for partners. But how much urgency is there given that many end users are deciding what will and won't go to the cloud right now?

We're learning we can see progress faster with SMBs. They'll make cloud decisions faster than an enterprise customer because they don't have an IT staff anyway. (They say) 'If this is easier, I'm all in. Simplify it, and I want to work with a trusted partner.' We're going to put more effort on the SMB side and prove the concept to the channel. Then that'll give them confidence to sell to enterprise. I think we've got to get some early wins. We can get them in SMB. Enterprise, that's a long sales cycle. Our goal is to go to SMB first with a cloud offering.

Which SMB verticals could provide some of those early wins?

The vertical we have the most experience with is retail. We've got a tremendous retail VAR base. We've got a lot of really strong long-term partnerships and trusted relationships. That's probably where we would go first.

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