ScanSource CEO Baur On Finding The Best Intelisys Partners, Early Cloud Wins And A Path Towards IoT

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Between that and the Intelisys and POS Portal acquisitions, do you see the weight of your business shifting more toward the SMB than it has traditionally?

I would say yes. POS Portal has proven to us that they can go to the SMB much easier than midmarket and large customers, which always have a longer sales cycle, and you run into direct sales forces from the vendor a lot more. SMB, it's kind of [under-served]. It's sad, but it's true. There's many more targets, but it's harder to make a lot of money there. You need scale. That's where distribution can help.

You're a few months removed from the POS Portal deal closing. How has the integration gone?

We've found very few obstacles. It's more opportunity and getting the traditional ScanSource VAR management team working with the portal, integrating them together so that we can go to market together. Today, we go to market separately. As a sales organization, we have to bring some of our sales expertise together. That's still yet to be done.

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