Greta Van Susteren On Social Media, Sexual Harassment, And Helping Women Reach Their Full Potential

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On Sexual Harassment's Impact 

While the visibility around sexual harassment is opening up an important discussion, keeping the conversation safe for men to join in is important, Van Susteren said. She also said that while the entire issue is delicate, each case is unique and must be treated as such.

"There's crimes like rape and sexual assault, then there are terrible things like harassment that can change the course of someone's career or decisions they would have made. And then there are boorish comments. You really have to look at the facts, and they aren't all the same," she said. "We have to be smart about it and make it fair and right for everyone."

Van Susteren acknowledged that her environment -- the media -- has blown up with recent allegations and high-profile anchors losing their jobs. And while these situations are "deplorable," the silver lining is that these stories aren't going to be hidden anymore, she said.


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