CRN Solution Provider 500: 84 Newcomers In 2020

Among the companies named to this year’s 2020 Solution Provider 500, 84 are cracking the list for the first time.

The Newcomers

Any industry needs new ideas, new strategies and new products to remain healthy and vibrant. It’s certainly what makes the IT industry so dynamic. And it’s certainly true for the IT channel where fast-growing strategic service providers, solution providers and MSPs are constantly challenging the status quo.

Here we present the newcomers to the CRN Solution Provider 500, the annual ranking of the largest solution providers by revenue in North America. This year’s edition of the Solution Provider 500 includes 84 companies that are new to the list – a significant gain from the 69 newcomers in 2019. The newcomers list includes CyrusOne (No. 42), Converge Technology Solutions (No. 50), ECS (No. 52), and RSM US Technology (No. 87).

Converge Technology Solutions, founded in 2016, has been acquiring regional VARs such as Corus360, Northern Micro, Key Information Systems and Lighthouse Computer Services. While the dozen or so acquisitions have helped catapult Converge Technology Solutions onto the Solution Provider 500, the Toronto-based company is seeing strong demand for its hybrid IT solutions, spurring organic sales growth for cloud, software and managed services and boosting annual recurring revenue to more than $1 billion, said executive vice president John Flores.

The acquisitions have expanded Converge Technology Solution’s portfolio of technologies and services, creating “adjacent opportunities” in what the company can offer its existing customers, as well as fueling the expansion of its customer base, Flores said.

RSM US, whose history goes all the way back to 1926 with the founding of an Iowa-based accounting firm, has been growing annually in the range of 20 percent since 2010 with its broad range of technology consulting services, managed services, and financial and accounting services.

“We are hyper-focused on the middle market,” said Patrick Vance, national leader of technology consulting at RSM US, noting that the company provides a full life-cycle of up-front advisory and consulting services, IT system and service delivery and implementation, and ongoing managed services – all providing the foundation for long-term customer engagements. “We pride ourselves on our relationships.”

The channel remains a key component of the overall IT industry, evidenced by the $393 billion in revenue generated last year by the companies that make up the 2020 edition of the CRN Solution Provider 500.

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Omega Systems Consultants

2020 Rank: 500

Top Executive: Bill Kiritsis, CEO

Location: Reading, Pa.

Accent Computer Solutions

2020 Rank: 499 (tie)

Top Executive: Marty Kaufman, President

Location: Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.


2020 Rank: 491 (tie)

Top Executive: Zac Paulson, CEO

Location: West Fargo, N.D.


2020 Rank: 491 (tie)

Top Executive: Eric Sugar, CEO

Location: Mississauga, Ont.

Sable Computer

2020 Rank: 491 (tie)

Top Executive: Sean Canevaro

Location: Fremont, Calif.

End to End Networks

2020 Rank: 491 (tie)

Top Executive: Heath Freel, president and CTO

Location: Markham, Ont.

Encore Business Solutions

2020 Rank: 491 (tie)

Top Executive: Ken Chartrand, CEO

Location: Winnipeg, Man.

Data Integrity

2020 Rank: 491 (tie)

Top Executive: Norman Filicetti, President

Location: Richmond Hill, Ont.

Carbon60 Networks

2020 Rank: 491 (tie)

Top Executive: John Witte, President and CEO

Location: Richmond Hill, Ont.

Clutch Solutions

2020 Rank: 489

Top Executive: Garrette Backie, President

Location: Gilbert, Ariz.

Networking Technologies and Support

2020 Rank: 476

Top Executive: Bernard Robinson, President and CEO

Location: Midlothian, Va.

Cloud Ingenuity

2020 Rank: 473

Top Executive: Suzanne Kosub, Managing Partner

Location: Carrollton, Texas


2020 Rank: 472

Top Executive: Shailesh Gupta, Managing Partner

Location: Bethesda, Md.


2020 Rank: 471

Top Executive: Andy Segal, President

Location: Albertson, N.Y.

Tech Heads

2020 Rank: 470

Top Executive: Randy Richardson, CEO

Location: Portland, Ore.


2020 Rank: 466 (tie)

Top Executive: David Dunn, Founder and Chairman

Location: Columbia, S.C.

BAASS Business Solutions

2020 Rank: 466 (tie)

Top Executive: Joseph Arnone, President

Location: Thornhill, Ont.

10th Magnitude

2020 Rank: 466 (tie)

Top Executive: Alex Brown, CEO

Location: Chicago

Total Communications

2020 Rank: 463

Top Executive: Scott Lennon, President

Location: East Hartford, Conn.

Systems Solutions

2020 Rank: 461

Top Executive: Richard Wein, CEO

Location: King of Prussia, Pa.

Single Point Global

2020 Rank: 448

Top Executive: Gregory Browning, Principal and CEO

Location: Ashburn, Va.

Leverage Information Systems

2020 Rank: 447

Top Executive: Douglas Chester, President and CEO

Location: Woodinville, Wash.

Circle Computer Resources

2020 Rank: 446

Top Executive: Shea Kelly, President and CEO

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Insight Technology Solutions

2020 Rank: 444

Top Executive: Mary Anderson, CEO

Location: Bowie, Md.


2020 Rank: 443

Top Executive: Leslie Steele, CEO

Location: Arlington, Va.

PC Corp

2020 Rank: 440 (tie)

Top Executive: Isabel Bernete, CEO

Location: Edmonton, Alta.

Riverside Technologies

2020 Rank: 440 (tie)

Top Executive: Kevin Heiss, President and CEO

Location: North Sioux City, S.D.

Ideal Integrations

2020 Rank: 436

Top Executive: Michael Stratos, CEO

Location: Pittsburgh


2020 Rank: 434 (tie)

Top Executive: Andrew Cadwell, CEO

Location: Portland, Ore.


2020 Rank: 434 (tie)

Top Executive: DJ Dorff, CEO

Location: South Jordan, Utah

Unity Connected Solutions

2020 Rank: 420 (tie)

Top Executive: Calven Iwata, President and CEO

Location: Newmarket, Ont.

QRX Technology Group

2020 Rank: 420 (tie)

Top Executive: Grace Martins, General Manager

Location: Vaughn, Ont.

CPP Associates

2020 Rank: 406

Top Executive: Patrick O’Dell, General Manager and Partner

Location: Whitehouse Station, N.J.

PIER Group

2020 Rank: 402

Top Executive: Amy Williams, Owner and CEO

Location: Jasper, Ind.

Flair Data Systems

2020 Rank: 396

Top Executive: Bob Burgess, President

Location: Plano, Tex.


2020 Rank: 390

Top Executive: MJ DiBerardino, CEO

Location: Philadelphia

CMA Technology Solutions

2020 Rank: 383 (tie)

Top Executive: Chad LeMaire, President and CEO

Location: Baton Rouge, La.

CAS Severn

2020 Rank: 383 (tie)

Top Executive: Doug Gerstmyer, President

Location: Laurel, Md.

ISA Cybersecurity

2020 Rank: 359

Top Executive: Kevin Dawson, President and CEO

Location: Toronto

LightEdge Solutions

2020 Rank: 354

Top Executive: Jim Masterson, CEO

Location: Des Moines, Iowa


2020 Rank: 337

Top Executive: Michael Norring, President and CEO

Location: Seattle

Pythian Services

2020 Rank: 333

Top Executive: Keith Millar, President

Location: Ottawa, Ont.

Cerium Networks

2020 Rank: 320

Top Executive: Roger Junkermier, President

Location: Spokane, Wash.

Sudden Technologies

2020 Rank: 317 (tie)

Top Executive: Charles Tsoi, President

Location: Burnaby, B.C.


2020 Rank: 317 (tie)

Top Executive: Robert Offley, President and CEO

Location: Rochester, N.Y.

Benchmark Corp

2020 Rank: 317 (tie)

Top Executive: Kam Sabouri, Managing Director

Location: Mississauga, Ont.


2020 Rank: 308

Top Executive: Barry Clark, CEO

Location: Lima, Ohio


2020 Rank: 294

Top Executive: Atal Bansal, CEO

Location: Plantation, Fla.


2020 Rank: 286 (tie)

Top Executive: Steve Ferguson, CEO

Location: Houston


2020 Rank: 286 (tie)

Top Executive: Bill Fathers, CEO

Location: Denver


2020 Rank: 283

Top Executive: Jan Arendtsz, Founder and CEO

Location: San Mateo, Calif.


2020 Rank: 282

Top Executive: Justin Bell, President and CEO

Location: Addison, Tex.


2020 Rank: 271

Top Executive: Chase Wilkinson, President and CEO

Location: Franklin, Tenn.

Proven IT

2020 Rank: 270

Top Executive: Emir Husic, Director of Managed Services

Location: Tinley Park, Ill.

CPU Design

2020 Rank: 250

Top Executive: Lotfi Ghattas, President and CEO

Location: Montreal

WinWire Technologies

2020 Rank: 229

Top Executive: Ashu Goel, CEO

Location: Santa Clara, Calif.


2020 Rank: 227

Top Executive: Robert Farina, CEO

Location: Frisco, Tex.


2020 Rank: 226

Top Executive: Manuel Senderos, CEO

Location: Tampa, Fla.

SymQuest Group

2020 Rank: 223 (tie)

Top Executive: Meg Fleming, President

Location: Keene, N.H.

Criterion Systems

2020 Rank: 223 (tie)

Top Executive: Promod Sharma, President and CEO

Location: Vienna, Va.


2020 Rank: 221

Top Executive: Anne Sullivan, President

Location: Rockville, Md.

Cambridge Computer Services

2020 Rank: 216

Top Executive: Deena Burton, CEO

Location: Waltham, Mass.

Evolve IP

2020 Rank: 202

Top Executive: Guy Fardone, CEO and Founding Partner

Location: Wayne, Pa.

Ricoh USA

2020 Rank: 176

Top Executive: Joji Tokunaga, President and CEO

Location: Exton, Pa.


2020 Rank: 175

Top Executive: Eran Gil, CEO

Location: New York

Brillio Holdings

2020 Rank: 168

Top Executive: Raj Mamodia, CEO

Location: Santa Clara, Calif.

Micro Logic

2020 Rank: 165

Top Executive: Stephane Garneau, President

Location: Quebec City, Quebec

Applied Insight

2020 Rank: 162

Top Executive: Dede Dascalu, CEO

Location: Ashburn, Va.


2020 Rank: 139

Top Executive: Martin Bentz, President

Location: Hanover, Md.

ASA Computers

2020 Rank: 133

Top Executive: Arvind Bhargava, Founder and CEO

Location: Freemont, Calif.


2020 Rank: 130

Top Executive: Tim Britt, CEO

Location: Irvine, Calif.


2020 Rank: 118

Top Executive: Robert Makheja, President

Location: McLean, Va.

Arlington Computer Products

2020 Rank: 117

Top Executive: Scott Dunsire, President

Location: Buffalo Grove, Ill.


2020 Rank: 108

Top Executive: Oscar Valdez, President and CEO

Location: Colorado Springs, Colo.


2020 Rank: 90

Top Executive: Kevin Brueggeman, CEO

Location: Eagan, Minn.

RSM US Technology

2020 Rank: 87

Top Executive: Patrick Vance, Principal, National Technology and Management Consulting

Location: Chicago

New Era Technology

2020 Rank: 86

Top Executive: Joe Ewart, CEO

Location: New York

Four Points Technology

2020 Rank: 74

Top Executive: David Gilchrist, President and CEO

Location: Chantilly, Va.


2020 Rank: 73

Top Executive: Michael Symons, CEO

Location: Foster City, Calif.

Marco Technologies

2020 Rank: 66

Top Executive: Jeff Gau, CEO

Location: St. Cloud, Minn.

By Light

2020 Rank: 60

Top Executive: Bob Donahue, CEO

Location: Arlington, Va.


2020 Rank: 52

Top Executive: George Wilson, President

Location: Fairfax, Va.

Converge Technology Solutions

2020 Rank: 50

Top Executive: Shaun Maine, CEO

Location: Toronto


2020 Rank: 42

Top Executive: Tesh Durvasula, President and CEO

Location: Dallas