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MES Matters 2022: The Key Vendors Serving The Midmarket

CRN Staff

The inaugural MES Matters list recognizes vendors that have proven themselves to be forward-thinking technology providers offering solutions that support the growth and innovation of midmarket organizations.

Alpha Software Corporation

Midsize companies’ employees and customers expect the same quality of mobile apps as larger enterprises, but midsize businesses don’t have equal resources and programming expertise as larger companies. That makes it critical for mid-size companies to choose the right mobile development platform. Alpha Software products are ideal for medium-sized businesses because they have built-in enterprise -- like security, data integration and offline capability -- at an affordable cost. Users can develop no-code apps for free -- with no limits on the number of apps they can produce or the complexity of those apps. They can deploy the apps for as little as $99/month. Alpha Software also allows mid-sized clients to save on development costs because a wide range of developers and non-developers can use its products to build cross-platform mobile apps to digitize and mobilize business tasks. The Alpha Software low code platform is one of the most highly rated platforms on G2 and Capterra. InfoWorld named it a top mobile app development leader, and awarded it an InfoWorld Technology of the Year award. Read more:

Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf Security Operations platform brings order to the chaos and delivers the efficacy and efficiency that all organizations want from their cybersecurity program, reducing cyber risk by enabling organizations to unify and derive actionable data from their litany of tools. We help solve the fundamental challenges of the talent skills gap and alert fatigue while giving customers a long-term, durable security posture improvement. By pioneering our unique cloud-native, multi-tenant Security Operations platform, Arctic Wolf is driving down the likelihood and impact of security incidents so that overall risk can rapidly approach zero and be non-material to the customer.

Arista Networks, Inc.

Ease of use, easy to deploy and easy to manage. Product offering requires very little domain knowledge to implement and is designed to be implemented by a non-sophisticated IT Manager with very little technical support. Commercial enterprise and SMB type businesses have tight budgets and limited staff, yet are confronted with the same challenges that larger organizations have - multiple Wi-Fi, LAN and WAN network monitoring and management solutions that don’t interconnect, rapid problem identification, mediation and resolution, and protection from increasing cyber threats. Arista’s Cognitive Unified Edge (CUE) offering is built for commercial enterprise users as an optimal edge as a service solution. CloudVision CUETM provides plug and play management with built-in, zero touch automation, visibility and security. Unlike other disparate offerings, it leverages Arista’s foundational CloudVision elements to deliver consistent customer experience, service activation, security posture and problem resolution.

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Compan y

Aruba provides a modern unified networking infrastructure that delivers the performance, security, and scalability to connect and enable midsize businesses no matter how far and wide they grow. Whether expanding the business campus, opening a new branch office, or supporting remote and hybrid workspaces, our solution streamlines management, operations, and efficiency into a single dashboard with analytics, guided workflows, and AI-powered tools to save time and accelerate business outcomes. Aruba clients additionally benefit from our strong history of technology innovation and customer-first culture that drives everyday product decisions and world-class support services.

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