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The 20 Richest Tech Billionaires In The World: Forbes’ 2022 List

Jay Fitzgerald

From Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos to Nvidia’s Jensen Huang, here are the techies who made Forbes’ 2022 list of the world’s billionaires.

There’s no need to pull out a violin for the world’s richest billionaires, but let it be known they did collectively suffer a bit over the past year.

According to Forbes magazine’s recently released 2022 World’s Billionaires List, there were 2,668 billionaires around the world as of earlier this year, down 87 from the year before.

Meanwhile, the collective worth of billionaires around the world was $12.7 trillion as of early April, down $400 million from the year prior, according to the Forbes list.

Some of the reasons cited for the decline, based on Forbes data as of early April: economic turmoil caused by the pandemic and its aftershocks, high global inflation, and disruptions caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Among some of the interesting facts about the 2022 Forbes World’s Billionaires List, there were 34 fewer Russian billionaires and 87 fewer Chinese billionaires on this year’s list

America once again has the most billionaires in the world, or 735 on this year’s list, and once again the richest man in the world is an American. But it’s not Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who’s topped the list for the past four years. Instead, Elon Musk, of Telsa and Space X fame, topped the 2022 Forbes list with a net worth of $219 billion.

As for technology and telecom figures on the list, they’re once again dominating, with eight of the top 20 spots held by those with technology and telecom ties.

There are 236 newbies on the 2022 list, including Cliff Obrecht, co-founder of design software maker Canva, and Melainie Perkins, also co-founder of Canva.

Here are the top 20 tech and telecom people on this year’s Forbes World’s Billionaires list (in order of least to most wealthy).

The 20 Richest Tech Billionaires in 2022:

20. Scott Farquhar

20. Pavel Durov

19. Mike Cannon-Brookes

18. Laurene Powell Jobs

17. Jensen Huang

16. Mayoshi Son

15. Eric Schmidt

14. Jack Ma

13. William Ding

12. Shiv Nadar

11. Ma Huateng

10. MacKenzie Scott

9. Mark Zuckerberg

8. Michael Dell

7. Carlos Slim Helu

6. Steve Ballmer

5. Larry Ellison

4. Sergey Brin

3. Larry Page

2. Bill Gates

1. Jeff Bezos

Jay Fitzgerald

Jay Fitzgerald is a senior editor covering cybersecurity for CRN. Jay previously freelanced for the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, Boston magazine, Banker & Tradesman,, Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge, the National Bureau of Economic Research and other entities. He can be reached at

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