10 Google Cloud Partners With New Statuses To Know About

Here's a look at 10 Google Cloud Partners that recently made investments to bolster their status with Google Cloud.

As Google Cloud ramps up its go-to-market game, the No. 3 cloud provider is making promised investments in its sales organization and channel partner program.

Last year, it unveiled its newly named Google Cloud Partner Advantage program, revamped to consolidate 16 partner programs under one umbrella, and announced its first recruitment drive to increase its partner ecosystem. Google Cloud also announced a goal of 100 percent partner attachment for customer deals.

Solution and technology providers, in turn, are making investments to bolster their status with Google Cloud, whether it’s earning Premier Partner designations or adding specializations that signal their technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solutions and service areas.

Here’s a look at the Google Cloud partner updates for Catalytic Data Science, ForgeRock, Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA, Onix, Pandera, Ready Computing, SoftServe, Solstice, Suitebriar and Zenlayer.

Catalytic Data Science A New Google Cloud Technology Partner

Charleston, S.C.-based Catalytic Data Science, a life sciences research-and-development workflow solutions provider, is now a technology partner member of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program.

The company is providing an integration of its Catalytic R&D Cloud Platform with Google Cloud's G Suite. It fills a long-standing gap within the life sciences R&D information technology (IT) marketplace by enabling researchers to produce and manage scientific knowledge in one integrated platform, according to Catalytic. It allows researchers to “send virtually any type of content or data from Google Drive to the Catalytic R&D Platform, expose that content to analytic and workflow services, complete research tasks and send the resulting output back to Google Drive to facilitate collaboration,” Catalytic said.

"For more than a decade, the life sciences industry has not been data-limited, but rather insight-limited due to outdated strategies that impede the ability to collaborate and make sense of all the data,” Catalytic CEO Scott Sacane said. “Launching the integration with G Suite is an important step in building a platform that enables scientists to reach milestones faster, more efficiently and at lower costs.”

ForgeRock Is A Google Cloud Premier Partner

ForgeRock, a San Francisco digital identity and access management vendor, is now a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

The designation formalizes many years of collaboration between the two companies, which have been delivering identity and access management solutions to their joint customers. ForgeRock recently unveiled its Identity Cloud, which includes an identity-platform-as-a-service solution built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Identity Cloud Express, a SaaS solution for embedding modern identity capabilities into applications.

“ForgeRock and Google Cloud share a commitment to performance, innovation and customer success, and our product team has worked with GCP to leverage DevOps and Kubernetes as core capabilities in powering all of our cloud solutions, so we’re thrilled to become Premier Partners,” said Ben Goodman, senior vice president of corporate and business development at ForgeRock.

ForgeRock customers include GEICO, Morningstar, TomTom and Vodafone, and the governments of Belgium, New Zealand and Norway. It’s backed by venture capital firms Accel Partners, Foundation Capital, KKR and Meritech Capital.

Konica Minolta Named Google Cloud Premier Partner

Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA is now a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

Konica Minolta focuses on intelligent, connected workplace solutions for the office technology industry with its IT services, enterprise content management, managed print services and industrial and commercial print solutions.

The Ramsey, N.J., company and its dealer partners will deliver Google Cloud’s productivity and collaboration solutions. The relationship also will facilitate technical development of advanced productivity tools between the two companies, Konica Minolta said.

“As our industry changes and evolves, business transformation is key to maintaining profitability,” CEO Rick Taylor said. “Our partnership with Google Cloud allows us to integrate new technologies into our offerings, enabling the intelligent connected workplace and providing our customers with opportunities for revenue growth.”

Onix Earns Cloud Migration Specialization

Onix, a Lakewood, Ohio-based cloud solutions provider, achieved Google Cloud’s Cloud Migration Specialization.

The designation recognizes the company’s proficiency in building foundational architectures and then migrating significant numbers of customer workloads from on-premises or other cloud providers to GCP.

"Onix is pleased to add this newest partner specialization to our roster of Google Cloud Partner specializations,” CEO Tim Needles said. “These include Work Transformation (Enterprise), as well as Infrastructure and Location-Based Services.”

Onix has its own suite of standalone products to solve specific business challenges, including digital accessibility of websites and online documents through its Equidox brand, and cloud billing and budget management software through OnSpend.

A 2018 Google Cloud Reseller Partner of the Year for G Suite, this week it announced a partnership with Happeo, a Helsinki, Finland-based creator of digital workplace and social intranet software built specifically for G Suite.

Onix has Canadian offices in Toronto and Ottawa, and a presence in the San Francisco Bay area and cities including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago and New York.

Pandera Awarded Premier Partner Status

Pandera, an Orlando, Fla., cloud transformation and advanced analytics solutions provider, has been named a Premier Partner for GCP.

The designation endorses Pandera’s experience with leveraging the platform to deliver advanced cloud solutions.

“This announcement is the culmination of a year of hard work by our team,” Pandera chief technology officer Erik Willsey said. “It demonstrates the rigor, professionalism and depth of experience we bring to the table.”

To achieve Premier Partner status, Pandera increased its number of certified GCP architects and data engineers, and it earned Infrastructure and Data Analytics specializations on GCP.

The company offers cloud consulting, migration, advanced analytics, managed services and other cloud services through its Google Cloud practice and innovation center in Orlando.

Ready Computing Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

Ready Computing, which specializes in large scale data exchange solutions for the healthcare industry, has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program.

The New York company’s Channels solution will leverage GCP to deliver care coordination and risk management services. Channels is a turnkey solution to coordinate care, improve care transitions and better utilize organizations’ existing integrations to power multi-organizational workflows.

The partnership with Google Cloud will allow Channels to be delivered at-scale and access machine learning technologies to improve care coordination and workflows. Channels also can access Google Cloud’s Healthcare APIs to rapidly accelerate data ingestion.

“Channels ensures that no patient falls through the cracks, that each event is analyzed for risk, and that patients are proactively managed to ensure better outcomes and prevent adverse events,” said Samir Jain, Ready Computing’s vice president of technology. “Furthermore, Channels’ use of standards and EHR (electronic health record) APIs ensures that each member of the care team receives information and tasks in their existing workflows, regardless of system or organization. This is a key step in ensuring a real-time, borderless health system.”

Data Analytics Specialization For SoftServe

SoftServe, an Austin, Texas, digital consulting company, has obtained the Data Analytics Specialization for its expertise with data insights using GCP technology.

"SoftServe has the proficiency and expertise with GCP technology that allow us to turn huge amounts of unstructured data into actionable insights that empower our customers to succeed with greater speed and as they build their competitive edge in the cloud," said Todd Lenox, SoftServe’s vice president of digital services and partnerships.

The company, which joined Google Cloud’s partner program in April 2017 and became a Google Cloud Premier Partner in August 2018, recently passed a milestone-400 GCP certifications. It also has Google Cloud Machine Learning, Infrastructure, Internet of Things and Cloud Migration specializations.

Kin + Carta Achieves Application Development Specialization

Kin + Carta has added Google Cloud’s Application Specialization for its success in building and managing applications using GCP in web and mobile environments.

"We're excited to achieve this designation to further our efforts helping Fortune 500 clients build cloud-native applications and migrate legacy applications onto GCP," said Ryan Maguire, Kin + Carta’s chief technology officer and vice president of strategic growth and emerging capabilities. "We look forward to working alongside many enterprises in the future as they adopt modern software engineering practices and make the move to GCP."

Suitebriar Gets Work Transformation Specialization

Google Cloud Premier Partner Suitebriar has earned the cloud provider’s Work Transformation Specialization for its customer success in deploying G Suite to small and medium-sized businesses.

The Herndon, Va.-based Suitebriar is a cloud technology implementation and support firm focused on Google Cloud solutions. Its G Suite deployment work includes providing services across all project workstreams: governance, technical, people, process and support.

"Achieving this specialization further substantiates our commitment to helping small and medium-size businesses transform the way they work with Google Cloud and G Suite," said Bevan Reilly, a Suitebriar principal. "We work to ensure they not only successfully transition to G Suite, but embrace the technology to drive measurable gains within their organizations."

Suitebriar customers include Century 21 Canada, Hamilton Healthcare System, The Motorcycle Co. and West Liberty Foods.

Zenlayer Now A Cloud Interconnect Partner

Zenlayer has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Cloud Interconnect Partner.

Partner Interconnect is a service that allows customers to connect to GCP globally. Direct connections to Google Cloud through Zenlayer's network currently are available in Mumbai, Hong Kong and São Paulo, with more locations to follow in the near future, according to the company.

Zenlayer is an edge cloud services provider with headquarters in Los Angeles and Shanghai. Its connections in India and Brazil are part of its multi-year plan to bring those services to emerging markets.

"We can provision connections instantly, not just to Google Cloud, but data centers and other public and private clouds around the world,” said Ryan Yang, Zenlayer's senior product director. “If you're doing edge computing using Google Cloud in Mumbai and want to connect that data to a program running on AWS in Los Angeles, we can make that happen in just a few minutes if you're already using Zenlayer Cloud Networking or SD-WAN."

Zenlayer offers on-demand bare metal cloud, cloud networking, SD-WAN and managed services in 150-plus data centers on six continents.