11 Cloud Computing Predictions For 2011

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Cloud Stacks Get Real

"2011 will be the year enterprise cloud architecture (ECA) is established as a basic premise of all clouds, allowing all organizations to extract the maximum value of the cloud.

As cloud computing matures, more organizations will understand that cloud computing goes beyond virtualized hardware and demand enterprise-level capabilities from their cloud computing solution. In 2011, I expect to see a greater demand for fully integrated cloud stacks to support mission critical applications. Clouds built on the principles of ECA provide an integrated stack of infrastructure, platform and software-as-a-service functionality via a single solution. ECA best practices create environments that automatically recover from app or environment failures, scale (up or down) and reduce system admin costs through automation. Apps that run on ECA-based cloud environments are more enterprise-ready, without the need to rewrite code, as the cloud delivers those capabilities.

-- Guy Naor, CTO & Co-Founder, Morphlabs


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