Interop Startup City: 5 Cool Tech Startups You Need To Know

Interop Las Vegas: In The City

Interop's Startup City has historically been a breeding ground for some of the next big things in tech. And at Interop Las Vegas 2011, the five companies comprising Startup City are no exception.

Here we take a look at five tech startups with cool offerings that are looking to break through the pack.

Echola Systems

Five-year-old Echola Systems designs and manufactures custom Layer 1 optical switches. And last year, it added new smart switched power distribution units (PDUs) to its product portfolio. San Jose, Calif.-based Echola's goal is to offer advanced switched PDUs that help conserve energy at a low cost without compromising the quality.

At Interop Las Vegas 2011, Echola Systems demoed its new eight-outlet, smart switched PDU SPDU-108L which supports complete energy management at outlet level with True RMS current, active, reactive, apparent power, PF, and phase angle with voltage and frequency. It comes in desktop/wall-mount form factor and is expected to be released in September 2011.

Accolade Technology

Founded in 2002, Accolade Technology develops and markets the ANIC family of Intelligent FPGA-based PCI Express Adapters. ANIC adapters are optimized for off-loading Host CPUs in a variety of target applications.

At Interop this week, Accolade Technology introduced the ANIC-40K, a quad 10 GigE PCIE Packet Processing adapter. The ANIC-40K supports lossless parcel capture, accurate time stamping, parcel slicing, filtering and crush formed bucket balancing. The ANIC-40K targets OEM applications including network monitoring, network forensics, network security (IPS/DPI) and latency measurement.

Quipu Applications

Quipu Applications is a software development company that came out of stealth mode earlier this year and focuses on streamlining business applications while leveraging online technologies.

In Startup City at Interop Las Vegas 2011, Quipu launched and demoed its incQubator offering, which provides branded BusinessModel communities enabling commercial incubators, Office of Technology License, Economic Development Agencies, and VCs, with a cloud-based business instrumentation and collaboration tool to monitor current investments and automate and normalize prospect investment analysis and other key performance metrics in real-time. This launch comes on the heels of last month's introduction of its cloud-based collaborative application, BusinessModel, which allows entrepreneurs, SMBs and the investment professionals to create, share, manage and monitor their business plan and business operations.


AppDirect, fresh off of a $3.5 million seed round, showcased its Business Application Network at Interop Las Vegas 2011. The San Francisco-based company said its Business Application Network offers a new way for businesses to find, buy and use Web-based software. Essentially, the Business Application Network offers a single place for users to subscribe to applications, assign colleagues to multiple apps and offers the ability to pay a single monthly bill for all app subscriptions. AppDirect was founded in 2009.


SoftwareMob is bent on creating an online community where users can exchange software ratings, reviews and personal experience on various software products and the company develops them. According to the company, the goal is to create a dynamic and unbiased user guide of sorts to help through the software buying process.

At Interop, SoftwareMob, founded in 2009, announced the debut of a new Website for displaying and collecting crowd sourced software information, giving users the ability to connect with peers and obtain answers to software questions.