Robots, Androids And Developers: 15 Scenes From Google I/O

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Google I/O Turns Up The Volume On Android, Chromebooks

More than 5,500 developers descended on San Francisco last week to take part in the fourth annual Google I/O conference, which ended up being a celebration of Android not just on mobile devices, but in household appliances, and even robots.

The exhibit hall was crawling with robots alright, but I/O wasn't all about Android. Google also unveiled its first Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer, along with a subscription business model the company will use to try to lure organizations away from Windows. Google is also teaming up with Citrix and VMware to build a virtualization bridge for enterprise apps on Chromebooks.

Following are 15 scenes from Google I/O that captured the wonderfully weird technology melange that defined this year's event.

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