10 Cloud Predictions For 2012

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The Year Of The Cloud...For Real This Time

Ok, ok. This time it's for real. We've been hearing it for the last four or five years, but 2012 is it. 2012 is the real deal. 2012 is, for lack of a better term, the year of the cloud. It will be the year where the true value of cloud computing is realized. It'll be the year when usage drives innovation and innovation drives usage. And it will be the year that cloud computing gets real.

"In spite of the hype and the attention cloud has received over the past few years, it still remains an emerging technology and one embraced primarily by innovators and early adopters. As the economy warms, I think cloud will enter the mainstream in 2012. I expect cloud will be a serious contender whenever businesses are evaluating their IT options," said Mike Eaton, CEO of cloud services provider CloudWorks.

Here are 10 cloud predictions for 2012.

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