VAR's Guide To Pros And Cons Of Migrating Data To The Cloud

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Con: Now My Data's 'Out There'

But if your data's in the cloud that means anyone can get to it, right? That's a common concern customers have, Day said. The way to approach this is to take smaller data sets into the cloud in the first place.

"Take your Web site and enable it with customer self-service stuff. You probably don't need everything in the cloud. Maybe name and address, but not Social Security numbers," he said. "Second, make sure you have it secured in a proper manner."

This is where choosing a proper service provider is important, Day said. For example, some large public cloud providers have only implemented firewalls in the past year or so, he said.

"Even then that's what you get: one firewall. We see this as a big opportunity. We can do whatever [customers] want. If they want multiple layers, we can protect those," Day said.

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