10 Hot Emerging Vendors For April 2012

Ready For Prime Time

Welcome to the latest crop of innovative new companies that move the technology needle forward. They've emerged to take their place among organizations that can make a difference, whether it's in cloud computing or security, software or hardware.

Continue on and find out which of these 10 hot new vendors you think will make a mark.


Company: DotCloud
Tech Sector: Cloud Computing
Key Product: DotCloud Platform-as-a-Service

DotCloud won $10 million in funding in March from noted VCs Benchmark Capital and Trinity Ventures for continued development of its Platform-as-a-Service for cloud application development.

The San Francisco-based company also announced the addition of Jerry Yang, Yahoo co-founder, and Marc Verstaen, engineering manager at Apple, to its board of directors.

"A new breed of application platform tools is emerging,’ said Yang of the startup. ’By combining old technologies and approaches with the flexibility needed in today's landscape, DotCloud will set a new standard for building applications in the cloud."


Company: CloudAlly
Tech Sector: Storage
Key Product: CloudAlly Backup Service

London-based CloudAlly was founded about a year ago as a developer of technology for cloud-based back up of data from such applications as Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo Email, Salesforce.com, and SimpleDB.

CloudAlly gives users the ability to set automatic daily backups of their data to the Amazon S3 storage cloud, and then restore or export data from anyplace over the Internet. The company offers partner programs for referral, reseller, or service provider partners.


Company: Appthority
Tech Sector: Security
Key Product: Application Security Platform

Appthority, winner of this year's Innovation Sandbox competition at the RSA Conference, sells its technology to businesses looking to mitigate the risk of employees downloading apps on to mobile devices.

The San Francisco-based company's software analyzes mobile apps for risky behaviors to prevent malware infection and loss of sensitive corporate data or intellectual property. Appthority integrates with third-party mobile device management vendors, such as BoxTone, as well as products from mobile application management vendors, such as Apperian. Appthority also partners with app developers migrating line of business apps to the mobile environment. For app developers, the company provides a third-party assessment to ensure customers the app doesn't include malware.


Company: ScaleXtreme
Tech Sector: Security
Key Product: Application Security Platform

ScaleXtreme provides cloud-based server automation tools for distributed data centers, in particular a unified automation platform to build and control physical, virtual, and public cloud servers.

The San Mateo, Calif.-based company's tools offer the ability to build and modify standard server templates for physical and cloud servers, deploy servers on demand and then quickly redeploy them to a cloud, and do on-going management of servers including real-time management of configuration, inventory, and applications. ScaleXtreme also provides one-time or recurring automation tasks.


Company: LoopUp
Tech Sector: Web Conferencing
Key Product: LoopUp

Tired of those absurd conference calls with interminable lounge music, unidentified speakers, and distracting background noise as someone does their dishes? Loopup, formerly Ring2, is and on March 28 launched a remote meetings product for enterprises integrating audio conferencing with Web conferencing. With the Loopup product, users can schedule meetings from Outlook, smartphones or the Web. They can join by having the meeting call out instantly to a phone of their choice; be alerted via smartphone and desktop notifications when their first guest joins; and access simple controls to add missing guests, mute distracting background noise and record the call. Loopup, based in London and San Francisco, will compete with other Web conferencing systems such as Microsoft Live Meeting, Cisco WebEx, or Citrix GoToMeeting.


Company: Impermium
Tech Sector: Security
Key Product: Anti-Spam

Impermium provides anti-spam technology for social networks. The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company sells a subscription-based Web service that prevents and mitigates most types of suspicious and abusive transactions. The company offers real-time and batch monitoring of Web transactions.

The company's RESTful Web services-based technology was developed by founders Mark Risher and Vish Ramarao, both former leaders of the Yahoo anti-spam and security teams. Impermium defines social spam as any unwanted content on a social network or in user-generated content sites. Among the abuses Impermium's service prevents are password hacking, malware placement, fake follower and friending schemes, account takeovers and bogus registration

Pindrop Security

Company: Pindrop Security
Tech Sector: Security
Key Product: Prevents Phone-Based Fraud

Pindrop Security was named one of the 10 Most Innovative Companies at the 2012 RSA conference. The Atlanta, Ga.-based company's acoustical fingerprinting technology detects fraudulent calls and authenticates legitimate callers. Pindrop claims its technology is the first to "fingerprint" individual phone calls.

In detecting fraud, the company's caller-ID product identifies key attributes of any phone call, including the device, call path and geographic point of origin. Pindrop technology extracts the acoustical fingerprint and analyzes it either through software as a service or on-premise software. Beside authentication and fraud detection, features in the company's product include reporting and workflow management. Pindrop customers are in the financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and online retail industries.


Company: AnyPresence
Tech Sector: Mobility
Key Product: AnyPresense Mobile Platform

Founded by former executives from SAP and Oracle, venture funded startup AnyPresence aims to cut the complexity out of mobile platform development. Its enterprise mobile platform enables non-technical users skip having to write code or install any software and to assemble and deploy HTML5, native iOS, and native Android apps.

Pre-assembled mobile app templates and data source integration capabilities also help with deployment of mobile projects. The AnyPresence mobile development platform will be generally available in April 2012


Company: MokaFive
Tech Sector: Virtualization
Key Product: Desktop Management

MokaFive's technology enables businesses to choose their hardware -- Mac or Windows PC -- and deploy a single employee desktop. The Redwood City, Calif.-based company installs the same virtual machine on each desktop or laptop in order to run a master image. Patches and upgrades are handled remotely through a central console, eliminating the need for individual configuration.

In addition, the company's technology provides security and the ability to wipe data from a lost or stolen laptop. MokaFive also sells its technology for Windows 7 migrations. By encapsulating a Windows 7 build into a MokaFive virtual desktop, IT staff can remotely deploy the operating system. If needed, employees can run legacy XP applications on the host environment.


Company: OnApp
Tech Sector: Cloud Management, Storage Software
Key Product: OnApp Cloud

London-based OnApp develops cloud management, CDN (content delivery networks) and storage software for service providers and enterprises.

OnApp Storage SAN brings scalability, resiliency and efficiency to cloud infrastructure. OnApp Cloud software allows users to build public or private cloud infrastructure. OnApp CDN improves Web site performance by letting hosts use spare cloud capacity from other hosts to provide local CDN ’points of presence.’

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