8 Snapshots From Technology Integration Group's China Cloud Launch

TIG Cloud Sets Up Shop In China

Technology Integration Group, San Diego, Calif., recently launched a cloud computing joint venture in China that will seek to jump-start local demand for cloud applications. Called TIG Cloud, the joint venture combines TIG's private cloud expertise with Chinese partner Longsky Software's development skills, with the first apps aimed at education, tourism and manufacturing customers.

Following are 10 scenes from the TIG Cloud opening ceremony, held in April in Jiangyin, a city in the Chinese province of Jiangsu located about an hour's drive from Shanghai.

TIG Cloud Shareholders

From left: TIG Cloud shareholders Ying McGuire, TIG's San Diego-based vice president of international business; Cheng Wu, president of Longsky Software and chairwoman of the board, TIG Cloud; and Bruce Geier, president and CEO of TIG.

Launching The TIG Cloud Joint Venture

After the obligatory official speeches, TIG Cloud executives surprised the audience by launching the joint venture using a cloud application running on an iPad.

"When you talk about cloud, you are talking about being able to access applications anywhere, on any device. That is the message we wanted to deliver to the officials, and to the public," Jack Xu, general manager of TIG China and CEO of the TIG Cloud joint venture, told CRN in a recent interview.

From left: Ping Fei, vice mayor of the Jiangyin municipal government in charge of technology; Huaijin Gong, deputy director, Department of Information and Technology, Jiangsu provincial government; Hongliang Jiang, secretary general of the Jiangyin municipal government; Dongqin Xu, district mayor; and Ying McGuire.

TIG Cloud Leadership

From left: Jack Xu, CEO of TIG Cloud and general manager of TIG China; Yong Zhang, vice district mayor; Ying McGuire; Dongqin Xu; Bruce Geier; Hongliang Jiang; Huaijin Gong; Ping Fei; Cheng Wu; and Frank Chen, chief strategy officer, TIG Cloud, and member of the board of directors.

Learning About What Cloud Actually Means

As in the U.S., there is plenty of hype around cloud computing in China, and that is leading to confusion in the marketplace. TIG Cloud, by bringing to market cloud apps that are relevant to specific industries, is looking to change that. Here the audience listens to executives clearing up the cloud hype.

Time For Q&A

Hongliang Jiang, secretary general of the Jiangyin municipal government, fields questions from the audience at the launch event.

Media Frenzy

Huaijin Gong, deputy director of Jiangsu's Department of Information and Technology, is interviewed by local media during the TIG Cloud opening ceremony.

Cloud Computing Roundtable

From left: Jack Xu, Cheng Wu, Bruce Geier, Ying McGuire and Frank Chen hold a roundtable discussion about the role TIG Cloud will play in jump starting demand for cloud apps.

Commemorative Plaque

From left: Cheng Wu, Bruce Geier and Ping Fei pose for a photo with the official TIG Cloud commemorative plaque.