7 Things Your Mom Believes About The Cloud

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What's The Deal With The Cloud?

Cloud computing may be changing the way we work and communicate, but many people hold vague and even downright funny views of how it actually works.

A survey of more than 1,000 American adults, conducted by Wakefield Research for desktop virtualization and cloud computing provider Citrix, shows that while the cloud is in wide use, misconceptions about its purpose abound.

Many respondents believe working at home in the buff is a prime benefit brought about by the cloud, and others just think of it as a "mysterious network," or a "white fluffy thing." But once it's explained, a majority recognizes that the cloud can deliver potent economic benefits.

"This survey is to gauge the understanding of the cloud by the man in the street, not the technical expert," said Tom McCafferty, senior director of product marketing at Citrix. Continue on and check out some of the eye-opening ideas people have about the cloud.


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