Top 10 Issues Eroding Cloud Confidence

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The Immaturity Of The Cloud Business Model

A survey to gauge the level of maturity and innovation in the cloud market by the Cloud Security Alliance and the ISACA, previously known as the Information Systems Audit and Control Association but now known by its acronym only, shows that the market has not yet met high expectations. Drawn from 50 countries and 252 participants ranging from service providers, cloud users, integrators and consultants, the survey estimated it will take three years before cloud platform and infrastructure services experience a full growth stage, and two years for software services.

J.R. Santos, Cloud Security Alliance global research director, said that while the respondents believe the cloud offers great opportunity there are still many issues that hinder its development. "In general, a lot of the folks [in the survey] felt the cloud is still fairly immature," he said.

Continue on to see what issues concerned cloud users, with the issues that inspired the least confidence first.

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