Down For The Count: 9 High-Profile Cloud Outages

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Google App Engine

Google App Engine, the company's platform for developing and hosting Web applications in Google-managed data centers, went down Oct. 26 for about four hours as it experienced slowness and errors. As a result, 50 percent of requests to the App Engine failed.

The company said no application data was lost and application behavior was restored. Google said it would issue credits to customers for 10 percent of their usage in November.

Google said it is bolstering its network service to guard against traffic latency. "In response to this incident, we have increased our traffic-routing capacity and adjusted our configuration to reduce the possibility of another cascading failure," the company said.

The same day as Google's outage, Dropbox and Tumblr also reported service disruptions. Nothing was found to link the three incidents, but the coincidence does make one wonder.

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