The 20 Coolest Cloud Infrastructure, IaaS Vendors Of The 2014 Cloud 100

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The Coolest IaaS Vendors Of 2013

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) -- or the delivery of compute, storage and network resources via the cloud -- continues to be the fastest-growing segment of the overall public cloud services market. Gartner last year projected the IaaS market to grow as much as 47.3 percent in 2013 alone, reaching a value of $9 billion.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the IaaS market king, leveraging its massive compute capacity, competitive pricing and sprawling product portfolio to remain on top. But AWS also faces increased competition from rivals including large telco companies to smaller, but stealthier, IaaS startups.

Here's a look at the coolest cloud infrastructure vendors to make this year's CRN Cloud 100 list.

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