Cisco On The Intercloud Opportunity: 'We Have Created A Tornado'

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Intercloud's Evolving Face

It's been almost four months since Cisco Systems shook up the market with its unveiling of Intercloud, a global cloud strategy that involves Cisco and its partners, hosting a range of public and private cloud services in data centers around the world.

Not all Cisco partners were clear on the Intercloud vision out of the gate. But Cisco partners and customers are buying into the Intercloud strategy more and more every day, according to Nick Earle, Cisco senior vice president of cloud sales and go-to-market. In fact, Earle told CRN, the last four months have fueled a "tornado" of interest in Cisco's hybrid cloud push.

Earle, in a recent interview with CRN, spelled out everything from how many Intercloud customer briefings Cisco has held to why Intercloud will never be the next Rackspace or Amazon Web Services. Take a look.

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