Cisco On The Intercloud Opportunity: 'We Have Created A Tornado'

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Talk about the application ecosystem Cisco sees forming around Intercloud.

"The Intercloud fabric is actually a set of APIs. And if you write APIs it means you can move the workloads. In the future, and we have been public about this, we will open up a wider set of APIs to allow software developers to create new applications. We will bring in the whole ISV community to create new applications that will be able to access the capabilities such as the Intercloud, such as the Intercloud fabric and our APIC controller.

What we talked about when we launched Intercloud is, in the long-term, it being the enablement platform for the Internet of Everything. In order for it to be the enablement platform for the Internet of Everything, we need a software development platform approach and we need to attract developers to develop on top of Intercloud, which means we need to open up the APIs and we need to open up the SDKs.

In fact, we have announced -- and it didn’t get much publicity -- that we have taken the steps to do that with the release of a technology called the services exchange platform."

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