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5 Reasons Why Microsoft Just Might Be Salesforce's Secret Suitor

Joseph Tsidulko

A Match Made In The Cloud?

If (and it's a big if) the Bloomberg News report that Salesforce has enlisted bankers to assess a potential acquisition is true, we might soon witness a momentous event in the software industry -- the largest deal ever of its kind and a seminal moment in the history of cloud computing, one with major implications for the channel.

So it should come as no surprise that the Bloomberg story, which only cited anonymous sources, unleashed a firestorm of speculation in lieu of any more factual information to prove or debunk the claims.

It's fun to guess, especially when the cost eliminates all but a rarefied few companies that could even contemplate the CRM giant's roughly $50 billion price tag.

Fingers seem to point most directly at two Salesforce competitors that have strong, although not always healthy, ties to the company: Oracle and Microsoft.

Here's some more speculation about why CRN thinks the suitor hails from up north.

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