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6 Ways Amazon Web Services Does Things Differently From 'Old Guard' Enterprise Vendors

Kevin McLaughlin

2. Not Ripping Off The Government

Jassy said AWS now has about 2,000 government agencies using its services, including NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Navy and the Central Intelligence Agency. He says one of the big attractions for government customers is AWS' pay-as-you-go pricing model -- in contrast with traditional enterprise vendors' multi-year licensing agreements, which require customers to project upfront how much cloud software they'll need.

"The government -- and enterprises in general -- is very much hoping that they're going to be able to consume a lot of the software they consume in the model that AWS and the cloud has made more pervasive," Jassy said.

Government agencies used to have problems buying cloud services because they didn't have procurement vehicles that enabled them to take advantage of AWS' frequent price cuts, according to Jassy. That's something AWS is helping them figure out, he added.

"We're working to evolve the acquisition models so that they can consume the cloud the way AWS is providing it, and which lets them enjoy the cost savings, and price decreases over time," Jassy said.

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