The 10 Coolest Cloud Startups Of 2015

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As The Cloud Matures, Startups Bloom And Thrive

At the top end of the industry, the cloud is consolidating, with a few so-called hyper-scale providers controlling an ever-greater portion of the overall market.

But as the cloud matures, many of the nimble startups formed earlier in the decade are also hitting their stride -- some established their presence on the global stage in 2015.

Young and innovative companies are undergoing rapid growth, securing the funding needed to scale globally and increasingly investing in partner programs, recognizing their channels are the keys to managing breakneck expansion.

At the same time, a new batch of startups are looking to disrupt the disrupters with technologies that keep pushing the limits of what's possible within the cloud computing model.

Here's CRN's not-at-all scientific list of 10 cloud-focused startups that made a mark in 2015.

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