Trending Up: What Motivates Companies To Move To The Cloud?

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Migration Mashup

CloudEndure specializes at getting organizations onboard the cloud. The company's migration software is used by businesses large and small -- recommended (and sometimes funded) by hyper-scale cloud providers to their customers.

The Israeli-American startup focused on enterprise workload mobility offers a conversion engine that moves any workload running in a Windows or Linux environment, without interruption, to just about any target cloud. The engine transfers boot volumes through continuous block-level replication, allowing live workloads to be migrated with minimal operational disruption to most major Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers, including Google's Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack environments.

CloudEndure recently conducted its annual study of cloud migration trends and attitudes, trying to understand what motivates companies to move to the cloud, what considerations influence their buying decisions, what obstacles hold them back, and what the outlook appears to be for public cloud adoption over the next couple of years.

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