Trending Up: What Motivates Companies To Move To The Cloud?

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Enterprise Migration Plans 2016-2018

"One place where there was a really big and meaningful difference," said Ramel Levin, CloudEndure's vice president of marketing, was between the migration trends of enterprises and those of the overall group.

While public cloud is far and away the platform of choice overall, when considering enterprises alone, virtualized non-cloud environments, like the kinds built with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V technologies, are well in the lead.

And while virtual machines account for almost half the computing resources used by enterprise respondents, their share will shrink from 46 percent today, to 34 percent in 2017, to 24 percent in 2018, according to the plans of survey respondents.

That trend is on display in bare-metal environments, with physical machine use among respondents expected to drop from 23 percent today to 14 percent next year, and 11 percent by 2018.

Public cloud utilization should rise from 21 percent in 2016, to 37 percent in 2017, to 48 percent in 2018 -- putting enterprise usage in 2018 where the overall group is right now.

Essentially, enterprises are lagging by about two years, Levin said.

"They're much more cautious about adopting public cloud," he explained. "They have regulatory and compliance concerns, they have more computing resources."

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