Q&A: IBM's Watson Leader On 'Dark Data' And The Age Of Reason

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IBM Exec: The Age Of Cognitive 'Is Here'

As vice president for implementations in IBM's Watson group, Ed Harbour leads Big Blue's efforts to bring cognitive computing to the masses. IBM is betting big that the technology that delivers predictive analytics and insight by mimicking human thought processes will revolutionize software development and establish the century-old company as a leader in a new era characterized by computing systems that can learn, understand, and even reason.

Watson combines several state-of-the-art capabilities, including natural language processing, big data analytics and machine learning. The platform delivers those technologies to consumers, at scale, in the cloud.

Harbour spoke to CRN about how Watson, by delivering cognitive computing capabilities through APIs, will accelerate the pace at which developers unlock innovation, and how partners can leverage those capabilities to deliver unique solutions to their customers.

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