The 10 Coolest Cloud Development Startups Of 2016 (So Far)

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Getting It Done

Cloud computing is fueling a wave of new startups and technologies aimed at speeding development and management of next-generation apps. If there's a unifying theme to what these vendors are building, it's the belief that apps need to be faster to develop, easier to manage, and more flexible when it comes to the infrastructure they run on.

The cloud, in its early stages, helped fuel the need for speedy software development and updates. Automation technology has also emerged to help keep apps up and running in the cloud and in enterprise data centers. More recently, Linux container technology is now providing an alternative to server virtualization for certain scenarios.

Here, CRN looks at 10 startups – some well-established, others less so – that are having a profound impact on the way apps are built, managed, patched, secured, and updated in cloud environments.

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