7 Major Vendor Announcements That Stood Out At DockerCon 2017

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The Container Revolution Is Here

DockerCon, the Docker container industry conference, is a good indicator of just how popular containers have become in the enterprise and for partners helping companies deploy new applications and make their older applications run more efficiently.

This year, DockerCon had over 5,500 attendees. The first DockerCon, in 2014, had around 500.

The companies contributing meaningful developer announcements, integrations and tools have changed, too. The startups are still here, but so are IBM, Oracle, CA Technologies, Dell EMC and other major companies that are using container tech to make enterprise computing more efficient. Docker itself had three big announcements at the show – two new open source projects and a fast-track program for getting legacy enterprise applications running in containers.

As DockerCon wraps up today in Austin, Texas, here are seven (non-Docker) announcements that caught our eye during the show.

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