Docker CEO Steve Singh On The VMware Relationship, Security, And The Opportunities Around Containers For Partners

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Container Craze

Docker CEO Steve Singh told attendees of the Best of Breed conference that his company's ability to deliver a highly portable, cloud-native, cost-cutting platform for transforming IT systems gives the channel a play unlike any other.

The new CEO of the groundbreaking container tech company, in a discussion with The Channel Company CEO Robert Faletra, told solution providers gathered in Atlanta that Docker's platform will win in a competitive market because of its openness and portability -- enabling digital transformation without locking customers into any one provider.

And moving legacy applications to Docker, enabling them to run on any modern infrastructure, typically cuts costs in half. Those savings result from a substantial increase in application density, reducing the number of virtual machines needed by putting more workloads on fewer servers.

Here's what Singh told the audience at the Best of Breed conference.

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