5 Takeaways From Alphabet's Strong Q3 Earnings Call

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Machine Learning Is A Core Capability

Google is investing heavily to not only develop machine-learning software, but also to deliver more computational power to support those workloads.

At Google, machine learning isn't considered a premium capability. It's core to everything the company does, and seen in Mountain View, Calif., as a fundamental differentiator in the market.

Google will continue to "drive that advantage," Pichai said.

Early bets on artificial intelligence have paid off, Pichai said. He's watched the technology "go from a research project to something that can solve new problems for a billion people a day."

Now Google is rethinking how to build products around machine learning.

"Consumers can already experience how AI allows them to interact with computing more naturally than ever before," Pichai said. "Computers are adapting to people, rather than people needing to adapt to computers."

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