Low-Code App Development: Salesforce, OutSystems, Appian Riding High On Latest Forrester Wave

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Contender: AgilePoint

Landing in the third-tier Contender category of the Forrester Wave, AgilePoint benefits from quality product engineering and a focus on Microsoft's ecosystem. The Mountain View, Calif.-based vendor is currently moving upmarket from midsize customers to large enterprise deals.

Just five years ago, AgilePoint sold a SharePoint add-on for workflow to small and medium-size enterprises. Now, the company is a general-purpose low-code platform that's considered by large enterprises.

While it continues to focus on customers in the Microsoft ecosystem, it "isn't constrained by its Microsoft roots," noted Forrester.

"An important next step for AgilePoint is to create a worldwide developer community and supporting sharing marketplace to support that community," Forrester said.

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