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The 10 Coolest Container Tech Startups Of 2017

Joseph Tsidulko

Powering The Container Revolution

It's only been a few years since a then-unknown startup called Docker unleashed a technological juggernaut that's forced the entire IT industry to reassess how it builds, deploys and manages applications in the era of the cloud.

The rapid market penetration of Docker containers, and the container-centric methodologies and application architecture it spurred, has been one of the industry's most-potent disruptive forces as organizations look to realize the benefits in portability, efficiency and cost savings that the technology reliably delivers.

Almost every brand-name infrastructure software vendor has readjusted strategy to deliver and incorporate containers. But the ecosystem that's emerged around Docker has largely been driven by innovative startups that have focused on solving problems and delivering unique capabilities that enable wider adoption of the technology.

Here are 10 startups powering the container revolution.

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