5 Ways Red Hat's Acquisition Of CoreOS Will Shake Up The Container Tech Landscape

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A Challenge To Docker

Docker's container orchestrator, Swarm, has been losing share to Kubernetes, a rival technology that had the significant advantage of being battle-tested for years at Google.

But the container pioneer has done well selling its container management platform, Docker Enterprise Edition, which recently embraced Kubernetes.

Red Hat is looking to challenge Docker Enterprise Edition with OpenShift, a container-centric Platform-as-a-Service. OpenShift's integration with CoreOS Tectonic will offer a strong open source alternative to Docker.

"Their union to me signifies a merger of talent and report that strengthens Red Hat's presence in the enterprise market of OpenShift Enterprise against Docker's Docker Enterprise Edition," Will Kinard, CTO of BoxBoat, a container implementer based in Washington, D.C., told CRN.

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