8 Cloud Security Execs Reveal The Startups They're Most Excited About

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Vittorio Viarengo, Vice President of Marketing, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

Vendors in the data encryption and digital rights management (DRM) space like Atlanta-based Ionic Security and Palo Alto, Calif.-based Vera have shown promise in situations where an organization can't hug its data with cloud access security broker (CASB) technology and lock it down, Viarengo said.

Sometimes, Viarengo said, organizations have to let go of their data and let it be shared on personal devices or other areas outside their control. DRM, though, can be used to protect data once it leaves the perimeter of a company's application or managed cloud by requiring a key for access, according to Viarengo.   

This has become more important as companies increasingly let their own employees carry out business on their own personal devices, Viarengo said. So if a user downloads confidential data to a personal device, businesses can either block it entirely or apply DRM to ensure that only the actual recipient is able to access the data in an encrypted manner.   

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