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8 Biggest Microsoft Azure Security Issues You Need To Know About

Michael Novinson

From focusing more heavily on applications than infrastructure to dealing more frequently with customers with lots of private data, here are eight of the biggest Microsoft Azure security issues seen by technical experts.

More Frequently Targeted With Malware

Malware has been a big problem for Windows since it's an obvious way to gain control over a machine, which has resulted in Microsoft being a frequent target, according to Aditya Joshi, Threat Stack's EVP of products and technology.

Microsoft has an anti-malware offering that integrates with the Azure Security Center, Joshi said, and third-party anti-malware tools can address the issue as well. Joshi said Microsoft has excelled at being a development-centric company and bringing different security offerings together.

Windows and Linux are fundamentally different operating systems with security domains that function and need to be supported in very different ways, Joshi said. And when it comes to supporting Windows, Joshi said that Microsoft Azure has clear advantages over the other cloud providers.

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