As Microsoft Prospers, Here's What 5 Top Execs Are Paid

While CEO Satya Nadella saw the largest pay increase during Microsoft's latest fiscal year, other executives also received expanded stock awards and other compensation.

Getting Paid

While Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella saw his total pay soar 66 percent in the company's last fiscal year, he wasn't the only top Microsoft executive to receive a sizable pay increase.

Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft disclosed the fiscal 2019 pay packages for five top executives in its annual proxy statement, released on Wednesday. While Microsoft directors did approve increased base salaries for the five executives, stock awards were the largest source of expanded executive pay at the company in fiscal 2019, according to the regulatory filing.

During the year, Microsoft enjoyed a growing market capitalization and a surge in cloud-related revenue from the Azure cloud platform, Office 365 and other products. Microsoft grew its commercial cloud revenue 43 percent to $38.1 billion in its fiscal 2019, which ended June 30.

What follows are the details on what five top Microsoft executives received in total compensation during the company's fiscal 2019.

Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella saw his total pay jump to $42.9 million for fiscal 2019, up from $25.8 million the year before. While Nadella's salary rose $833,000 to $2.3 million, his stock awards surged by nearly $13 million to reach $29.7 million during the year. Non-equity incentive plan compensation also climbed $3.3 million to $10.8 million.

"Under Mr. Nadella’s leadership and ongoing commitment to long-term success, the Company saw a strong finish to a record fiscal year delivering more than $125 billion in revenue for the full year with double-digit revenue and net income growth in 2019," Microsoft said in its proxy statement.

Meanwhile, "Mr. Nadella continued to lead strong efforts to build trust with stakeholders, and his personal engagement with customers, partners, and investors has been exceptional," the company said.

Amy Hood

Amy Hood, executive vice president and CFO at Microsoft, was the second highest-paid executive listed in the proxy statement with a total pay package of $20.2 million for fiscal 2019. That was up 36 percent from $14.9 million during the previous fiscal year. Along with a comparatively modest base salary bump of $83,000, Hood saw an increase of $3.2 million in stock awards during the year.

Hood "supported record year financial performance and management with revenue growth of 14% and operating income growth of 23% and returned over $30 billion in cash to shareholders through stock buybacks and dividends," Microsoft said in the proxy filing.

Brad Smith

Microsoft President Brad Smith also saw a significant bump in pay for fiscal 2019, with his total compensation rising 28 percent to reach $17.3 million. Smith's base salary increased by $50,000 and his stock awards jumped by $4 million during the year.

Major accomplishments by Smith included providing thought leadership on responsible use of AI; directing company efforts to extend the GDPR rights to customers worldwide; and making "continued advances in operational security and enforcement"--including through Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit and a new program to "enhance cybersecurity protection for the world’s democracies," Microsoft said in its proxy filing.

Jean-Philippe Courtois

Courtois, president for Microsoft's global sales, marketing and operations, saw a 36-percent boost to his total pay package during the latest fiscal year, with the package landing at $15.1 million. Courtois actually saw a dip in his base salary during the year but saw his stock awards climb $4.2 million.

Courtois "led Global Sales, Marketing, and Operations groups to deliver strong financial performance and contributed to the commercial cloud business becoming the largest in the world," Microsoft said in its regulatory filing.

Peggy Johnson

Johnson, executive vice president for business development, received a pay package of $10.4 million during Microsoft's fiscal 2019, up from $8.8 million the year before. Johnson maintained the same base salary but increased her stock awards by $1.8 million.

Key accomplishments by Johnson included that she "contributed to the launch of Microsoft’s newest Customer Solution Area of Search, Ads, and News through partnerships across the Company," Microsoft said in the proxy statement.