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AWS CEO Adam Selipsky On Gartner Magic Quadrant Allegations, Andreessen Horowitz Cloud Cost Claims And Egress Fees

Donna Goodison

Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky, in an exclusive interview with CRN, disputed Gartner Magic Quadrant allegations that AWS uses high-pressure sales tactics; called the controversial Andreessen Horowitz report on the cost of cloud computing “highly misguided” and referred to AWS egress fees as an issue that customers have not raised in any “material way.”

On Claims That AWS Has Been Dismissive Of Multi-Cloud

As what we believe to be the most customer-obsessed company out there, we’re going to follow our customers’ lead. And the thing we hear most loudly from customers is that they want us to keep innovating within AWS. There are a lot of new services they want us to build, there are a lot of new capabilities within existing services that they want us to build.

There are plenty of examples of where we are interoperable in a very seamless way with all sorts of other capabilities out there, and we’ll continue to work on those as well. So just for example, we very recently collaborated with an important partner, NetApp, on a file system service within AWS called Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Obviously NetApp is providing SAN or storage area network capability through ONTAP. And a lot of customers want all of the tooling and processes that they’re used to with ONTAP to run their SANs, and they also want all the benefits of the cloud, of AWS. Now, by working with NetApp to enable ONTAP on AWS, customers can seamlessly ... migrate to AWS, they can seamlessly run in both environments simultaneously. And, if they wanted to, they could move everything off of AWS back on to on-premises ONTAP. And you see the same thing across databases. We support SQL Server databases, Postgres, many other flavors. And we actually make it very easy for customers to move their workloads wherever they want to.

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