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AWS CEO Adam Selipsky On Gartner Magic Quadrant Allegations, Andreessen Horowitz Cloud Cost Claims And Egress Fees

Donna Goodison

Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky, in an exclusive interview with CRN, disputed Gartner Magic Quadrant allegations that AWS uses high-pressure sales tactics; called the controversial Andreessen Horowitz report on the cost of cloud computing “highly misguided” and referred to AWS egress fees as an issue that customers have not raised in any “material way.”

On Why AWS Marketplace Is Becoming More Important

I was really pleased when I came back to AWS to see the progress of the AWS Marketplace. That was an initiative we started while I was here and took a lot of work and lot of resources, a lot of different pieces. Anytime anyone builds a marketplace, it’s a complex endeavor. And to come back and see the technical innovation that the AWS team has managed in the marketplace space, but more importantly, the growth and the customer adoption—both on the partner side as well as the end customers side—has been really impressive.

To see the Marketplace adding so many new categories within it and to see you know how quickly it’s grown has been really impressive to me. This is another area in which we intend to continue to invest.

The Marketplace will only become more important, because more and more customers are going to not only want a full rich ecosystem of AWS partner offerings, but more and more they’re going to want to be able to discover those. And the more there are, which is a good thing, the more there are, the more difficult they become to discover. And therefore, having a really effective, simple, easy-to-navigate marketplace is really important. And furthermore, more and more customers as they get sophisticated in their use of the cloud aren’t necessarily going to want to talk to somebody all the time, and they will want a self-service capability.

AWS Marketplace has a rich variety of partners and of offerings that are easy to navigate and to discover, and provide the ability to really work in a self-service fashion. Another interesting innovation is our adding service providers into the Marketplace and the ability to do business with them to through the Marketplace.

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