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AWS CEO Adam Selipsky On Gartner Magic Quadrant Allegations, Andreessen Horowitz Cloud Cost Claims And Egress Fees

Donna Goodison

Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky, in an exclusive interview with CRN, disputed Gartner Magic Quadrant allegations that AWS uses high-pressure sales tactics; called the controversial Andreessen Horowitz report on the cost of cloud computing “highly misguided” and referred to AWS egress fees as an issue that customers have not raised in any “material way.”

On What’s ‘Important’ To Him At AWS

I would just say things that are important to me include—in addition to really continuing to press on customer obsession and on high rates of innovation—it’s really important to me that we continue to be an exciting place that inspires our employees and a place that makes them want to get up out of bed each day and come to work, whether it’s in their living rooms or here in the office. And I really want to continue to focus on the things that really will make us Earth’s best employer, which is a goal that we have. It’s an aspiration, it’s a vision, and we’ll always have more work to do to get there.

And the other thing is that Amazon really has a belief that we can and should be an important and a useful part of the communities in which we operate. That includes local communities, our national communities and the global community. That’s everything from homelessness or other local issues, all the way to sustainability and climate change. And we’re doing more and more as a company in all those areas, and I’m really enthusiastic to help put my shoulder to the wheel of those types of efforts and to ensure that we use our success and we use our scale to help all the communities in which we operate.

On ‘Doubling Down’ Even Further On Areas Where AWS Is Successful

Clearly AWS is not a turnaround, so it was not my goal to come in and instantaneously try to institute wholesale changes. This is a very successful business. I think my job is to help us double down on the things that we’re already doing that are important and that are going well, then also to help us identify new areas that we can be in or existing areas where we think we can do better.

And no matter how successful we’ve been in the past, there are—just given the rate of change in the industry, how quickly our market segment is evolving and just the rate of growth of AWS—there are always going to be big opportunities in all those areas to double down even further on successes, to find new areas in which our customers need us to innovate and to improve existing things that we do. I’ve really been trying to find and focus on the most important of each of those.

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