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AWS Outposts GM: ‘Off-The-Charts’ Interest In Hybrid Cloud Service

Donna Goodison

‘It really has the potential to help open up new avenues for us and help customers accelerate their cloud migrations by filling this hole that was really difficult for us to address before for all the workloads that need to remain on premises,’ says Joshua Burgin, general manager of AWS Outposts.

What’s coming next for AWS Outposts?

The first is that we’re not done with the Service Ready Program. The partner team at Amazon has done a really fantastic job, and there’s so many people that are excited, so I would look throughout the rest of the year for additional people to onboard. We’ve already got -- I’ve mentioned Sisense and Scylla and the Ocean Kubernetes management service from Spot, Amdocs, Pure Storage, Veritas, HashiCorp -- and then you’re going to see many more names through the rest of the year.

S3 is coming soon, so we hope to have an announcement in the very near future with more details about S3 for Outposts. Right now, we have EBS, which is block storage. And, through our partners, we have both file and object storage, whether it’s from Qumulo or Pure Storage -- their FlashBlade. What people have also asked is can we add AWS’ object storage, which is what S3 is. It’s API-compatible, and if you have an application, but you’re running in a region that takes advantage of S3 and those APIs to store and retrieve your data, now you can bring that to the Outpost once we release S3 for Outposts -- without re-architecting your application. It’s one of the foundational building blocks of AWS, and so it’s important that we bring that to Outpost customers as well.

We’re always looking at which services we should bring to the Outpost, which partners we should work with. I hope to see continued momentum on all these fronts -- partners, AWS services, customers. (Customers) asked for ALB, which is our application load balancer, which we just announced last week. One other one I can share is (Amazon) ElastiCache…which is a memory database. That’s being delivered soon. The other things customers have asked for we’ve been delivering. We brought RDS (Amazon Relational Database Service) and EMR (Amazon Elastic MapReduce) to Outposts.

We just jumped from the number of services we had to another 32 with this announcement, and that’s all across deployment, monitoring, security, integration, container management, NoSQL. I’m actually pretty excited, in particular, about how partner solutions enable people to operate on Outposts. It’s, if anything, even more important because many of these are things that they’re using on premises. We’re going to continue to innovate the platform based on what we hear from customers.

AWS Outposts Ready Program Launch Partners

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Amdocs is among the launch partners for the AWS Outposts Ready Program. Amdocs’ RevenueONE Convergent Charging 5G solution has been validated as AWS Outposts Ready.

ScyllaDB is an AWS Select Technology Partner whose vetted product is Scylla Cloud. AWS Advanced Technology Partners and their solutions vetted through the Outposts Ready Program are Alcide (Alcide Advisor and Alcide ART on AWS Outposts), AppDynamics (AppDynamics for AWS Outposts), Citrix (Citrix ADC), Clumio (Clumio Backup for AWS Native Services), Cohesity (Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition), CommVault (Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery), Confluent (Confluent Platform OSS), CTERA (CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform), CyberArk (CyberArk Privileged Access Security), Datadog (Datadog for AWS Outposts), Dynatrace, Guardicore (Guardicore Centra Security Platform), HashiCorp (HashiCorp Terraform), Nasuni (Nasuni Cloud File Services), NetApp (NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS Outposts), N2W Software (N2WS Backup and Recovery), New Relic (New Relic ONE), Palo Alto Networks (Palo Alto Networks VM-Series for AWS), Pure Storage (FlashBlade), Qumulo (Qumulo on AWS Outposts), Rafay Systems (Managed Kubernetes Platform), Rubrik (Rubrik Cloud Data Management), Sisense, Spot by NetApp (Ocean), Sysdig (Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform), Trend Micro (Trend Micro Cloud One – Conformity, Trend Micro Deep Security Smart Check, Trend Micro Cloud One – Workload Security and Trend Micro Deep Security), Turbot, Veritas Technologies (Veritas NetBackup), WekaIO (WekaFS) and Zadara (Zadara VPSA).


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