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CEO Sundar Pichai’s 11 Top Remarks At Google I/O 2021

Donna Goodison

‘We believe LaMDA’s natural conversation capabilities have the potential to make information and computing radically more accessible and easier to use,’ Pichai said.

New Google artificial intelligence innovations including LaMDA natural language technology, a faster, “historic milestone” chip designed specifically for machine learning and next-generation, 3-D videoconferencing were among the products and projects unveiled by Sundar Pichai at Google I/O this week.

Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and its Google subsidiary, also heralded Google’s new Quantum AI computing campus in Santa Barbara, Calif. and the company’s sustainability goals, which will be aided by a geothermal project that will add carbon-free energy to the electric grid serving its Nevada data centers and infrastructure.

Google I/O is the technology company’s annual developers conference that runs virtually through Thursday after being cancelled outright last year due to coronavirus-related restrictions.

“I think of I/O not just as a celebration of technology, but of the people who use it and build it, including the millions of developers watching today,” Pichai said, speaking live and outdoors from Google’s campus in Mountain View, Calif. “Over the past year, we’ve seen how technology can be used to help billions of people through the most difficult of times. It’s made us more committed than ever to our goal of building a more helpful Google for everyone.”

Here’s a look at Pichai’s top remarks from his keynote address at Google I/O, which also covered highlights of new Google Maps features and Google’s quantum computing goal of creating an error-corrected logical qubit.

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